Thank you for the support of our community who generously donated to sustain our programs.

Individual Contributions

Mary Draganis
Ann Sund
Cynthia Mamaril
Robin Hodson
AUSXIP Publishing
Andrea and Michelle Bliss
Gloria Flabbi
Rachelle Teeuwen
Joanne Chao
Emma Stagl
Joyce Mitchell
Anne Elise Doherty
Susann Taubert
Kathleen Dougherty
Mitzi and Jesse Stephenson
Tsz Yu Cheng
Kim Pallot
Lauralie Hogan
Laura kinney
Jess Berry
Christine Howland
Melissa Forge
Wendy Woody
Karlien De Paepe
Cristian Antonini
Danelle Wagner
Lois Skidmore
Karen Mager
Brigith Verhoeven

Individual Contributions

Lisa Siko
M Diana Cruz
Rosa Alonso Medina
Kristin Powell
Louise and Drew Murray
Lola Adams
Орлова Светлана
David Mifsud
Roelie Klein-Trip
Kirsty Trott
kristin neel
Sophia Skinner
Jen Stamey
Patricia Lehmann
Marion McGrath
Lucy Lamarca
Doris Bowen
Helen McNab
Kerryn Riley
Courtney Olmsted
Annette Cohen
Jana Kunze
Danielle Lochwood
Colin C Jackson
Tiffany Wong
Isabelle Andersson
Patricia Kay

In-Kind Contributions

Renee O'Connor and Jed Sura
Ray Hsu

Volunteer Service

Kim Soto
Sandra Wilson
Iris Sura
Chloe Sohngen


Thank you Mary D, Ann, the AUSXIP Charity Auction and its supporters for their contributions for the production of William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

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